Monday, 6 August 2007

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If you think about it, most of you will own some sort of football/soccer souvenir. Be it a mug, flag, scarf, replica shirt or even you love your team that much you have a full bedroom set when your married at 35! With a signed photograph of your favourite player on the wall!

Whatever football souvenir we buy, it tells the rest of world who our team is, while a lot of the time having some practical use.

When there's an England game coming up the flags and all sorts of car accessories start coming out, from large St George's Flags hanging out of peoples windows, to mini England flags hanging out of car windows, with people saying "it'll waste their petrol doing that". But as a nation we have started to become more like our European and world cousins.

But were not hanging out of our car windows and sunroofs waving enormous flags, stuck on a roundabout all night, just yet! Think of the petrol!

We still have the crazy PC brigade stopping people displaying a flag in case it offends anyone. But overall we are definitely learning to express ourselves more. But is it always a good thing and done for the right reasons?

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Some people say "it's sanctimonious rubbish", when a sport starts to become popular just because the national team wins a couple of games and to some extent this is true. But football has been far and away the most popular sport in the world for a very long time now. Thats why most people want to be apart of it. The beautiful game is the best.

However most of us now can't afford to go to every game these days, but we still want to show our support for our team, without breaking the bank. This is why football souvenirs are becoming more popular than ever.

Click to see a selection of football gift ideasThere is a huge variety to choose from to suit all tastes and styles, from everyday items like mugs and scarves. To more executive gifts like an officially crested chrome tankard or leather wallet.

Football souvenirs make great gift and presents for football fans of all ages and genders. And you don't have to worry about getting it back at Christmas, because they are bound to love it! You can't lose! There arn't many things that can guarantee that.

I will be posting here everyday with the latest goings on in the football world, funny stories, reviews of official football souvenir products.

I have my own ideas on how i want this blog to progress, but would welcome any comments and suggestions from other football fans. What would you like to see included? What do like/dislike? What souvenirs you would like reviewed? I especially want hear from people who bought our products to add comments for other visitors.

Thank you.

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